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The Raising Supaman Project formerly known as Raising Supaman is a blog dedicated to that’s right you guessed it raising super children. In the case of The Raising Supaman Project, the lessons and topics covered are relevant and valuable no matter your age or gender.

The goal of The Raising Supaman Project is to help parents and children reach their full potential. Reminding the world that children don’t get to choose their parents, however mothers and fathers do have the power to determine the quality and type of parent their child receives.

For more information about Raising Supaman, The Raising Supaman Project or Nathaniel A. Turner, J.D., please contact The Raising Supaman Project at

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  • Raising Supaman Book
    Raising Supaman Book
  • Raising Supaman Front Cover
    Raising Supaman Front Cover
  • Nathaniel A. Turner and son Naeem
    Nathaniel A. Turner and son Naeem

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